As an oil painter, I have always chosen my own way to represent or describe my subject(s) in their simplest terms, while trying to inject my emotions;  that which actually caught my eye and gave me the motivation in the first place. Throughout my year's, I have learned the principles of painting; light, shadow, values, color and edges. In using these principles I try to leave a bit of myself in every painting I complete.

I am enamored with the 17th and 18th century Masters, such as Rembrandt, Franz

Hals, the Flemish painters like Van Eyck, and Peter Paul Rubens, and French painter Pierre Chardin. These painters were all able to conceptualize how their finished painting

would appear before ever laying on one stroke of paint! Today however, besides conceptualizing how the finish might look, I believe that my current-day palette of colors allows one to attain colors closer to nature, that which the old masters could not accomplish due to their limited palette. My goal is always the same, simple compositions; yet obtaining the beauty that nature presents in a representational manner.

Artist Statement